Cost reduction programs

Implementing, sometimes under time constraints, a structured approach to reduce procurement costs on a sustainable basis

CKS offers methods, expertise and useful tools to achieve sustainable, tangible and measurable purchasing gains.


The programmes implemented cover all or part of the Purchases portfolio of our Customers (direct purchases, indirect production purchases, indirect operating purchases).

Typical approach implemented by CKS teams

  • Collection, consolidation and segmentation of needs
  • Identification of the segments with the main stakes, particularly in terms of reducing purchasing costs (binding information on origin approach)
  • For each selected segment, definition and implementation of a purchasing strategy  
  • Powering up the system, measuring the gains obtained

The missions led by the CKS teams closely associate the Purchasing teams and the Customer's Business Divisions.

Added Value
  • An operational and pragmatic approach allowing:
    • The analysis of opportunities at the most relevant level of Purchasing segmentation.
    • To study precisely the practices and organisations put in place
    • To take into account the customer's own constraints
  • A team of experienced consultants with solid category and sector expertise
  • Significant experience in the implementation of cost reduction programs with an ability to:
    • Anticipate the risks related to the implementation of this type of project.
    • Commit to the feasibility and reality of the identified gains
    • Leverage methods and tools (e.g. reverse auctions)

Case studies and Publications

Cost reduction program on 6 white-label Purchasing categories


Cost reduction program on 6 white-label Purchasing categories

European leader in private label biscuits, which was bought out at the beginning of 2007. Multi-site group, partly built through external growth. [...]



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