Categories Strategy

Design, validate and then implement a strategy for a purchasing category (family / segment).

CKS has solid sector and category expertises to support you in building realistic and operational purchasing strategies.


Process of developing a procurement strategy for a segment / spend category

  • Purchasing Family Segmentation
  • Analysis of expenses, business needs
  • Analysis of the supplier market and the company's positioning in this market
  • Identification, qualification and development of levers to improve Procurement performance in the areas of ©QCDRI (Quality, Costs, Deadlines, Risks, Innovation)
  • Definition of a detailed action plan for the implementation of the levers
  • Results measurement  
Added value
  • Proven methods and tools for designing and then formalizing a Procurement strategy (Cost Component Approach, in TCO or even TVO)
  • Precise knowledge of the ©QCDRI levers specific to each expenditure segment
  • A realistic and pragmatic approach to the issues and risks related to each Purchasing segment
  • Solid experience in the calibration of purchasing savings plans and the ability to demonstrate the reality of the ©QCDRI gains identified

Case studies and Publications

Definition of a Purchasing strategy of data acquisition by civil drones


Definition of a Purchasing strategy of data acquisition by civil drones

The client is an international industrial Group and the global leader in its sector. The client wants to elaborate a purchasing strategy of data treatment and data acquisition by civil drones. [...]



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