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The “Procurement 4.0” Club is an international invitation- only networking club for tech and procurement professionals.

Are you interested, curious, or knowledgeable about the future of procurement?
Are you a procurement professional, tech specialist or researcher?

If your goal is to better prepare your organization to the next technological revolution, then this club was made for you. Our goal is to form a community of interested professionals that share knowledge, skills, and passion.

About Us

“The Procurement 4.0 Club” was created in 2019, at the initiative of Arnaud Salomon and François Collineau, founders of CKS, a consultancy firm specialized in procurement and supply chain.

Situated in the heart of Paris, a city striving to become a world class leader in artificial intelligence, Big Data and IoT. Our aim is to become a hub that unifies all those involved in the future of procurement.

“The procurement 4.0 club is the place to learn about the future amongst like-minded professionals from several industries. Through organized events, the Procurement 4.0 Club events provide an excellent opportunity to hear different perspectives on common issues which will help you prepare the future of your organization.”

François Collineau and Arnaud Salomon
CKS Founders

How does it work?

“The Procurement 4.0 Club” is a monthly networking event gathering several professionals and guests. Each meeting shall cover a specific topic and bring opportunities to further discuss it between members.

Members will also have the privilege to discover exclusive testimonies from industry leaders or researchers and be introduced to the results of several case studies showcasing breakthroughs in the future of procurement.

These meetings are also a great way to connect with procurement leaders, researchers, academic program directors, innovative software providers and tech pioneers, while discovering new insights. Furthermore, the “Procurement 4.0 Club” members shall receive, in advance, the results of our annual global survey regarding AI/IoT/Big Data adoption amongst European procurement departments. 

Our events will take place in Paris, the heart of the so-called “French Tech”, in iconic places around the city or CKS headquarters. We also plan on organizing meetings in our Brussels premises.

Exclusive insights and networking

Expert Systems For Procurements

  • How to implement an AI solution?
  • What's next in procurement and AI?
  • How to avoid AI risk?
  • How to use AI tools?
  • ...
  • How to start an IoT bases solutions?
  • Is your company ready for IoT?
  • How to avoid IoT risks?
  • How to use IoT tools?
  • ...
  • How to better use data?
  • How will data impact procurement?
  • Is data governance updated?
  • How to make the best out of data?
  • ...

The main goals for the community are to learn, share with experts and other leaders in several fields and innovate through different conversations. Moreover, knowledge is constantly being shared through tech talks, research presentations, and our ongoing blog.

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