Digital Transformation

Define and implement a strategy for the integration of the latest technological innovations

The Purchasing, Procurement and Management Control functions are strongly impacted by the emergence of a range of "business" software and technological building blocks.


The implementation of a Procurement software suite or a relevant technological building block is an essential lever of action for many Procurement Departments seeking to increase their contribution and modify their positioning within the company.

Flexible, scalable and with controlled implementation costs, the "right" solutions on the market ensure a rapid return on investment when deployed in a pragmatic and timely manner.

The CKS teams have a unique expertise for defining a real digital transformation strategy for "transactional" (S2C, P2P) and "decision-making" processes.

They are capable of intervening at all steps of a project, in the capacity of Business Analysis and Planning (BAPP):

  • Opportunity study, definition of the Master Plan of the Information System
  • Facilitation of general and detailed design workshops
  • Management of the acceptance and switchover phases
  • Change management

We help our customers on a daily basis to achieve the ambitions they set in the implementation of their Procurement tools:

  • Increasing the efficiency and productivity of processes
  • Facilitate collaboration between the different entities of the company, standardize methods and processes.
  • Facilitate choices between strategic options and measure the contribution of the Procurement department to the company's objectives
  • Enable fine control of expenses, supplier relations and the performance of the Procurement department.

Recognised expertise in the different stages of an Information System (IS) Procurement project

Exploratory phase

  • Analysis of the organization and Procurement procedures
  • Collection, qualification and prioritization of needs
  • Recommendations in terms of functionalities to be implemented
  • Calculation of the ROI of the target solution
  • Definition of a project trajectory and organization

Vendors (Software Publishers) Consultation

  • Redaction of the tender documents
  • Consultation management
  • Analysis of offers and risk assessment
  • Preparation for negotiations
  • Organization of a POC
  • Contractual fine-tuning

Conception of Procurement Information System (IS)

  • Conducting general and detailed design workshops
  • Sign-off documents assistance (writing of requirement specifications, management of user acceptance)


  • Conception and implementation of a communication plan
  • Design and facilitation of user training
  • Operational support in day-to-day operations
  • Qualification of requests for functional and technical developments

By relying on the resources of its subsidiaries Neqo and Lysint, CKS can also operate as an IT project management support (Cf. IS Development & Integration):

Added value
  • The singularity and solidity of the expertise provided
  • Feedback from numerous IS Procurement implementation projects (around 60) and the contribution of proven methods and tools (specifications, configuration, acceptance specifications, SLAs, training materials, communication tools, operational support methods, etc.).
  • The ability to advise the client on the entire perimeter and different parts of the project
  • The ability to support the client in the definition and implementation of a sustainable solution that meets the challenges of the different Procurement professions (Purchasers, Management Controllers, Qualiticians, Suppliers, Prescribers, etc.) and that integrates perfectly into the company's IT environment.
  • An exhaustive but also pragmatic approach, guaranteeing control of the risks associated with the project as well as rapid and effective use of the solution implemented.

Case studies and Publications

Opportunity study and functional definition of the need, prior to the implementation of a Purchasing and Procurement Information System within a world leader in retail


Opportunity study and functional definition of the need, prior to the implementation of a Purchasing and Procurement Information System within a world leader in retail

Our Client is an international group of goods distribution (+ €15bn turnover) willing to optimize its Purchasing and Procurement Information Systems. [...]



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