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MARCH 2019

AI Impact on S2C & P2P - Study March 2019

Most Procurement decision-makers can feel surrounded by AI. Indeed, this technology is bound to deeply transform how Procurement organizations work. However, if the benefits are certain, the ways to implement AI are still unclear. CKS has interviewed many Procurement and Tech leaders from various countries to determine where things are going. We have also estimated the impact of AI-related solutions on the average buyer's workload based on S2C & P2P processes. 

It appears obvious that AI will make buyers focus more added-value tasks and further improve the role of Procurement within an organization. 

We are certain that most Procurement organizations will have no choice but to integrate AI in the coming years to keep up with the current digitalization pace. This change will come with the necessity to change some of the existing workflows. CKS is committed to helping organizations around the world integrate AI in their strategy.