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BRUSSELS - Event organized by CKS Benelux on December 5th 2018

Implementation of a public purchasing management software:
Benefits? Prerequisites? Costs?

Purchasing software, widely used and recognized for its effectiveness in private companies, is still underdeveloped in the public sector. In the scope of public procurement, purchasing Information Systems (IS) are still mainly associated with the dematerialization functionalities of the publication of contracts or the monitoring of their financial execution.

Specialized software vendors, however, propose other modules likely to improve the performance of public procurement: purchase/market planning, collaborative management of procedures with internal clients, team staffing, electronic catalogues and e-procurement... Thus, a number of organizations and public authorities have set up or are planning to acquire a purchasing IS.

At the dawn of the entry into force of the dematerialization obligation of all public markets, we propose to answer the questions that the purchasing IS can raise:

The event will be held at the Brussels L42 business centre in Brussels, in the heart of the European district. The debates were moderated by Arnaud SALOMON, Founding Partner of CKS.

 CKS Benelux Implementation of public purchasing management software