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Ready. Set. Bid!

CKS ranks among the European leaders in electronic auctions organization and administration. Located in Brussels, our dedicated business unit CKS Auctions has managed the reverse auctions programs of significant industrial corporations as well as of major public institutions.

Our consultants develop a wide range of skills during their daily assignments at CKS Auctions.

First of all, the understanding of the European public law, as several Clients must comply with EU directives 2014/24 and 2014/25 which bring an additional regulatory framework to our practice.

Then, talent in handling Purchasing Information systems: state-of-the-art platforms provided by software vendors on the market host the auctions we organize.

Finally, talent when it comes to advisory and training: we train buyers as well as suppliers and elaborate with them more and more sophisticated approaches to reverse auctions based on their business needs.

At the same time as we run reverse auctions programs in a globalized and multilingual business environment, we team up with our clients and revamp their purchasing policy with the help of new technologies – in particular Sourcing and Auction information systems.

For instance, CKS recently ran a training session on reverse auctions at the “Asia University” of a global Tier-1 automotive supplier which is looking into mainstreaming the use of e-auctions for the sake of leaner spend management.

This approach was initiated by the Group Purchasing Management and consisted in a worldwide training campaign to this negotiation technique for the buyers together with the organisation of a series of cross-commodities, cross-entities auctions within the company.

The training performed in China ended up with the live broadcast of an auction organized from our Brussels office for the Turkish branch of this auto parts supplier: buyers were shown real time evidence of auction benefits – it is easy and fast to launch an auction at the end of an RFQ and to capture the savings it generates.

CKS definitely convinced its Chinese audience: a few weeks after the training session, a buyer ran successfully the first reverse auction event within his perimeter. Congratulations to him and to the CKS teammates who helped him!


Over twenty buyers attended the training session