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2018    |    Arnaud S.

After ensuring Purchasing responsibilities in the Luxury industry and in Specialized Distribution as well as heading missions for a very large “Anglo-Saxon” Consultancy groups, I have had the pleasure of participating in the creation and growth of CKS.

Because CKS is developing and evolving in a diverse and competitive environment, we found it necessary to position CKS on our market by strongly establishing its identity as a “Consultancy Firm” with its key values and the unique benefits it offers its clients. Thus CKS' teams uphold extremely high professional standards always furthering its expertise and excellence in Purchasing.

Our constant drive for excellence as experts in Purchasing is what we guarantee our Clients. But perhaps our added value and what really makes us unique is that we are an independent consultancy firm. If clients often mandate CKS to carry out important strategic objectives, it must be because they know and trust the full involvement of our teams in their interests. They know the respect we hold for their own teams and how far we share their vision of a modern, European (as opposed to a universalistic conception) enterprise with its particular objectives for efficiency and modes of governance.

Everyday I am motivated by the team's shared passion for Consulting as we strive for excellence.

Education: Advanced Studies Degree in Research, (DEA) from the University of Pierre and Marie Curie, IFP School (The French Institute of Petroleum)
Experience prior to joining CKS: Management Consulting, Organisation

2018    |    Michael G.

Following an experience in the banking sector and another one in IT, I wanted to shift to the consulting world to be able to combine strategy and execution with complete autonomy.

There are a few consulting firms where you are empowered as quickly as at CKS. My experience is full of challenges and encounters that reinforce my expertise day after day. CKS values my skills and my education, and offers a young and dynamic environment where personal initiatives are considered and promptly put in place.

I am proud to be part of a firm whose expertise is recognized and appreciated, and where my colleagues provide high quality service while also taking the time to have fun.

Education: Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management
Previous experience: Operational and Financial Risk Management

2018    |    Anne B.

Only a few months after graduating in public business law, CKS gave me the opportunity to be part of their adventure in Toulouse, my native town. I could, thanks to the missions that I was assigned, test my adaptation and, above all, autonomy capabilities. In CKS it is a about a daily mutual trust that I could get thanks to my good performance. CKS is a dynamic company where all their consultants inspire a young and joyful atmosphere. I was able to build really nice relationships with my colleagues thanks to their constant help and solidarity. The managers were also a great support in a daily basis, being always present and available when needed.

Part of my permanent missions, albeit my purely juridical formation, is the development of CKS in Toulouse settling relations with local purchasers and public vendors. One of the biggest advantages of CKS is that they let consultants to be in touch with a wide range of fields, which allows to develop other competencies quickly. All of this is possible thanks to a big variety of missions.

Recognition and dialogue are intangible qualities of management processes. Furthermore, the real perspectives of evolution in CKS are by themselves motivational boosters to overcome oneself in the activities we are assigned. My experience in CKS has allowed me to achieve a big progress: independence, trust, direct contact with clients, organization and team spirit are assets that I really appreciate. CKS is a consultancy that does not stop evolving and, also, where everyone one has room to express oneself and progress.

2018    |    Salvador M.

After finishing my training as an Industrial Engineer in Valencia Spain, I started working in the marketing and customer management department within a large company with international scope. The monotony of the industry sector led me to look for new challenges, where I could learn from different sectors.

CKS convinced me because of its diversity of projects together with its highly prepared teams. They trained me in the different missions and accompanied me in the projects until I got autonomy. Today I am involved in different missions, always motivating thanks to the team spirit shared by the CKS consultants. Continuous learning and diversification of missions from the experience of the purchasing sector generates a unique work environment where know-how and innovation prevail.

Education: Polytechnique University of Valencia (UPV) 
Previous experience to CKS: Area Manager

2018    |    Bertrand C.

After a year in a strategy consultancy firm, I wanted to work more on operational missions where the benefits reaped by clients would be tangible, readily perceivable and demonstrable. As I was looking to grow in a new context without giving up responsibility, I was immediately attracted by CKS' values of confidence and teamwork which were shared by all the consultants.

The large panoply of competence of the firm's members and the diverse missions to be carried out, from defining Purchasing strategies, to managing change, make CKS an exciting workplace full of constantly new learning experiences. Our clients' high expectations for quality are what motivate me most to be part of CKS' development.

Education: EMLYON Business School
Experience prior to joining CKS: Consultant in Strategy

2017    |    Florence B.

On arrival at CKS I immediately found myself in an environment where teamwork, sharing and transparency created a stimulating frame of reference for work, inciting me daily to ever increase my commitment to our missions.

Assisting clients in solving both operational and strategic issues, as well as implementing innovative, effective, lasting solutions offer challenges that are intellectually stimulating and fulfilling.

Through diverse, enriching missions I feel that I am exactly where I should be in this tight-knit team with high moral and professional standards.

Education: EMLYON Business School
Experience prior to joining CKS: Banking – Finance

2016    |    Anne-Sophie C.

Just after receiving my degree, I decided to go into Consulting. I found that consulting offered the opportunity to learn about all different types of enterprises, various organisations and missions. In this way I could rapidly gain experience and know-how.

I chose to join CKS because it was a young, dynamic enterprise where I was constantly faced with new challenges. CKS quickly showed their confidence in me by giving me greater responsibilities where I carried out diverse operational missions for clients. Above and beyond allowing me to work independently and their confidence in my abilities, CKS taught me how to measure the value of my work by clients' satisfaction. I also learned to constantly challenge the methods and tools that are used.

Also, working at CKS included sharing information and knowledge with everyone on the team in a congenial workplace. By taking into account everyone's experience, the project is greatly improved.

Education: Ecole Supérieur de Commerce (Business School) at Bordeaux, MBA in Finance and Economics from SHANGHAI UNIVERSITY
Experience prior to joining CKS: Consulting, Project management