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Join CKS > Recruitment process

Recruiting takes place in 3 stages:

Stage 1 > send in an application

Your application should include a CV and a Cover Letter in French. This should be sent in exclusively by email email at the following address:: After studying your application, we will respond within approximately 3 weeks

Stage 2 > 1st series of interviews

If you have been selected you will be invited for a series of two 30-minute interviews with CKS consultants. These interviews will allow us to know you better and to verify the suitability of your application.

Stage 3 > 2nd series of interviews

Depending on the Stage 2 results, you will be invited tor a second series of 45-minute interviews with CKS' Co-Directors. If you are selected after this 3rd stage, you will receive a job offer during a final interview with one of CKS' Co-Directors.