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Recruiting talent is a strategic concern for CKS.

Leading a team of ambitious consultants, who are passionate about their work and personally interested in the company's success is in itself a project for us and has motivated CKS' founders from the start.

Why should you join CKS?

Because you have a thirst for knowledge :
Sourcing in Low-Cost countries, designing information systems, managing change in government administrations, implementing training programs … are only a few examples of the topics that CKS teams deal with extensively.

Because you enjoy meeting challenges :
Upholding a high level of excellence in our services, working under pressure within tight deadlines, creating strong relations with clients based on confidence…

Because you want to work with a highly competent, professional team respectful of its team members and its clients :
At CKS you would be working with exceptional managers and colleagues from extremely diverse backgrounds, with different cultural experiences. You would work with operational people at every hierarchical level.

Are you qualified to join CKS?

Above and beyond a high level of education, excellent communication skills, a strong work ethic, and the appreciation of teamwork, CKS looks to recruit personalities rather than profiles, potential rather than past work experience.

We are thus looking for talent accompanied by the following qualities :

If you think you possess these qualities, do not hesitate to consult our job offers and to apply.