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Purchasing and HR

Do you want to increase your team's performance ?
Is managing your purchasing employees' careers included in your role ?
How can you be sure that your actions are the most apt to reach your objectives without the drawback of creating additional stress ?

CKS accompanies Purchasing Managers who are interested in developing, acquiring and/or organising skills that are most useful to increasing the performance of their department and its personnel.

A practical, pragmatic approach

  • Interview the representatives of different departments to set up the target profile in terms of technical and multidisciplinary competence
  • Identify expectations corresponding to the necessary technical and multidisciplinary competence
  • Measure, through individual questionnaires on line or interviews, the existing multidisciplinary and technical competence of the team and assess the potential for further improvement
  • Consolidate the results to define the team's strengths and weaknesses and identify areas for improvement
  • Communicate the results to the individual participants, if so desired and in strict confidentiality, so that they can each position themselves in the team and be personally stimulated to further develop their competence
  • Present the conclusions to the managers for approval and define an action plan
  • Present the conclusions to the team with the managers present
  • Gain approval for the action plan by all participants to ensure their commitment
  • Apply what has been decided upon: Training, individual or team coaching, reorganisation of tasks, hiring plan, etc...
  • Set up assessment charts to measure progress and how well the actions are contributing to attaining the stated objectives


Purchasing Manager

B1 - Work with technologies B2 - Promoting an idea, product or project
B3 - Usie your esthetic sense, expressing your sensibility
B4 -Think about complex or abstract problems
B5 - Work with your body, using physical strength
B7 - Work with tools
B8 - Show leadership
B9 - Communicate with large numbers of people
B10 - Work with rules or routines
B11 - Followi instructions
B12 - Perform administrative duties
B13 - Monitor performance of tasks
B14 - Work in a team
B15 - Design and carry out a project
B16 - Help and supporting others
B17 - Search for new and original ideas
B18 - Carry out research on specific subjects

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