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Responsible purchasing policies and practices

CKS' convictions, expertise and its own set of guidelines “Responsible Purchasing” are the bases on which we will accompany you to respond pragmatically to the question: “How can we commit to and steer Responsible Purchasing policies?”


Audit the existing policies

Spell out the issues according to categories / supplier risks

Identify leads category-by-category / supplier-by-supplier

Define action plans in the short- and medium-term, category-by-category / supplier-by-supplier

Define measurement tools and indicators

Axes of analysis

  • Reduce the risks of negative impact on the environment caused by an organisation's purchasing

Example of a past mission:

Set up a strategy for Responsible Purchasing for two product categories: “IT” and “travel”, aimed at changing consumption and purchasing practices

Except from our referential on environmental indicators

  • Help the socially excluded to find employment
  • Ensure respect of fundamental Human Rights in the supplier's organisation

Example of a past mission:

Assisted a construction and public works organisation who was looking to work with disability-friendly companies to reduce their taxes under the French measures concerning “Fund Management Organisation for the Professional Integration of People with Disabilites”

Excerpt from our referential on social indicators

  • Foster supplier diversity
  • Contribute to setting up sustainable partnerships with suppliers
  • Contribute to local economic development

Example of a past mission:

Defined/determined the criteria to award and implement a works contract for a very large public payer

Excerpt from our referential on societal indicators


  • Strong convictions about responsible purchasing shown by CKS' actions as expressed by each consultant when interacting with our clients
  • Expertise that are best adapted to the needs and requirements of our Clients
  • A proven formal procedure to diagnose and accompany your implementation of a “Responsible Purchasing” policy
  • A set of guidelines to “Responsible Purchasing” made up of 10 (ranked) indicators considered to be indispensable if an organisation is to engage in a measurable and tangible process:
    • Approved by recognized key players in “Responsible Purchasing”: i.e, associations, networks, foundations
    • tested and implemented by large enterprises as well as government authorities and public services
  • A training program "Responsible Purchasing", developed in partnership with experts in the subject
    • Ex: "Subcontracting with Disability-Friendly Enterprises", working with the French “GESAT”, network of establishments that proactively hire the handicapped
    • Ex: "Defining Environmental, Social and Societal Criteria in Your Tendering Package"

CASE STUDIES | Responsible purchasing policies and practices