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Purchasing and Software Systems

CKS possesses unique experience in strategic and operational project management in Purchasing, Procurement and Supply Chain IT systems.

After carried out more than 40 projects in implementing Purchasing and Procurement IT systems, the CKS team is now capable of addressing all the different stages of a project: from determining a blueprint for a Purchasing/Procurement IT system, to training employees across continents in its use, including assistance in its design and user acceptance.

Adding a pertinent software component or an integrated Purchasing/Procurement system may represent an essential leveraging tool for Purchasing Departments. We help our clients every day to achieve their aims when implementing Purchasing/Procurement tools which include:

Flexible, modular and upgradeable with a cost effective set up, “good” off-the-shelf software solutions ensure a quick return on investment when rolled out pragmatically and appropriately.

CKS is well-known for its expertise in the different stages in carrying out projects to implement Purchasing/Procurement IT systems

Assess the existing system

  • Audit Purchasing (analyse Purchasing/Procurement practices and volumes under consideration)
  • Make recommendations in terms of features to be built in
  • Calculate the ROI of the suggested solution
  • Determine a rollout scheme

Carry out Consultations with Software Publishers

  • Help draft functional specifications
  • Steer consultations
  • Analyse offers
  • Sum up and review suppliers to choose from

Purchase ITDesign

  • Help manage the project – Conduct workshops on design details (configuration and adaptations of a standardized system)
  • Help gain user acceptance (draft an acceptance test plan, conduct user acceptance testing)

Roll out

  • Create plans for internal communication
  • Create and facilitate training courses for end-users
  • Assist with operational, day-to-day work in run and maintenance phases
  • Manage workshops concerning functional and ergonomic changes


  • Unique and solid expertise
  • Knowledge as a result of previous experience in numerous projects of setting up Purchasing/Procurement IT systems (approximately 40); benefit of proven processes and tools (specifications, configuration book, test reports, SLAs, training documents, communication tools, operating guides,,…).
  • Ability to advise clients on the project as a whole as well as its various components
  • Ability to help clients in determining and implementing durable solutions responding to the needs of different Purchasing protagonists (Purchasers, Controllers, Quality staff, Supply Chain, Prescribers,…) and perfectly integrating them into the organisation's own IT system
  • A comprehensive and pragmatic approach, controlling the risks inherent in IT projects, allowing the system to be used rapidly and effectively once it is installed.

Functional components of an IT system

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